Personal Mission Statement

Few months back I decided to write down my personal mission statement. Take a few moments and get my take on why it’s important for your business.

What’s your personal mission statement and why is it important to you?

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13 thoughts on “Personal Mission Statement

  1. Make the most money possible so I can help orphans and widows [James 1:27]. I feel God has called me to do that, whether it’s through missions trips, adopting kids, or giving to organizations.

  2. Good post Justin.

    It is very important to have a mission statement. If anyone has ever tried to start a business offline you know that you have to have a mission statement in order to get business loans.

    I think this will help people to get in the business mindset.

    I did a post about mine a few weeks ago. Mine has changed a few times but that is important for me.

  3. That’s pretty cool that you have such a mission statement Justin!

    I remember that when I was in University I was struggling so freaking much trying to work and finish my thesis at the same time.

    So I wrote EVERYWHERE something like “Titúlate Ya!” which means something like: “Graduate Already!”.

    And that made all the difference, got graduated a few months after trying to do it for more than a year!

    I think I even have that wallpaper somewhere LOL

    Anyway, good luck with your mission statement and thanks for sharing such a great idea!


  4. Forgot my mission statement!

    I have many friends that have miserable lives right now because they have a lot of money issues.

    I want to genuinely understand how Internet Marketing works so I can help them out and I don’t become one of them in the future.

    Of course I have many other motivations but that’s one of the biggest reasons.

  5. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for sharing this powerful post with us all.

    The personal mission statement is something so many of us (myself included) overlook but the more I think about it the more I come to the conclusion that it is absolutely vital.

    How are we supposed to walk along a path towards a destination if we don’t have a clear idea of where we are headed and, more importantly, why we are actually headed there in the first place?

    The personal mission statement must have a specific measurable outcome, it must be unique to the individual, it must be honest and it must be the one thing (or series of things) you are ultimately working towards.

    Many people will not want to share their mission statements with the world – and that is totally acceptable – but when others like you lead by example this then serves as a catalyst around which others can take action.


    • Patrick,
      “The personal mission statement must have a specific measurable outcome, it must be unique to the individual, it must be honest and it must be the one thing (or series of things) you are ultimately working towards.”
      EXCELLENT– it MUST be unique to the ind. talents,bents and personality. We were each created to be a part -of a whole. Working together and helping others with what we know and can teach or share; either through words in business or thru our lives to others

  6. I’ve got a personal mission statement…And it’s something I am going to try to live by for the rest of my life…

    “I’m looking forward to today!”

    Meaning, I’m going to crush it. Everyday. Love the DAY. Seize the day. Give it my best, every day!

  7. Hey Justin am just starting a 90 day course for list building and learning and saw your splash! EXCELLENT thought. A personal mission statement is needed to guide and direct and keep you–or ME at least- on track thanks for writing n sharing.

  8. Here is my new mission statement and credo as taken from the book Never Fly Solo by Lt. Colonel Rob “Waldo” Waldman.

    The Wingman Credo

    I am your Wingman.

    You can count on me.

    Integrity, Service and Courage are at the core of everything I do.

    I am committed to Excellence, Accountable for Results and Trustworthy.

    Mission-ready and Focused, I am always Prepared.

    I will lend you my wings in the heat of battle.

    Leader, Confidante, Partner

    I will never leave you behind.

    And I will never let you fly solo.

  9. Hi Justin,
    This is something which I had never really thought I really had, but when I sat down and really thought about it, I realised that yes I have have.

    My mission is to be an honest and ethical Internet Marketer, to give, give, give, and to make enough money that I can pay my bills, have a few extras for my family,and a small surplus in my bank every month.

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