What Does Leadership Mean?

Randy Ritter’s conference was another homerun, if you missed it here is a recording of Randy leading a group of like minded individuals on the topic of “What Does Leadership Mean to You?”



Should this video peek your interest you can join us every Tuesday @ 6pm EST in the TrafficExchangeLive webinar room. No worries it is completely free to attend and you will not be pitch a product when it’s over. This is strictly 1 hour + of like minded individuals discussing topics that will improve our business and lives.

I want to leave you with the same question Randy left us with, what does leadership mean to you? Leave your comments below so we can all share in your knowledge!

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4 thoughts on “What Does Leadership Mean?

  1. Thanks for recording this show for us all Justin.
    The content was really rather good which is an understated English way of saying ‘it was awesome’.

    How am I sure it was so good…well for one I was thinking about it for hours afterwards and secondly I was still thinking about it when I woke up this morning.

    Now I think I need to collect my thoughts on the matter and write my own blog post about it for tomorrow.


  2. Thank you for recording this conference. There is no way I can attend all the conferences live and having the ability to listen while working is a fantastic tool for me. Thanks.

    One of my favorite comments from this was part of what is being a leader according to David Martin.
    Being a Leader – Your Heart Speaking To the hearts of others. How powerful would that be if we all spoke from the heart.

  3. I just listened to this now – 6 months later and the information is still relevant – the only person I couldn’t hear was Justin – no sound for your whole talk….

    I can never attend the session as I have a meeting on Tuesday nights. If they are all as interesting as this I am really missing out!