Slow and Steady Wins the Race

“A jug fills drop by drop” – Buddha

There always seems to be an urgent need to get things done and in modern life it seems that the quicker one project is done the better. Then we rush headlong into the next project, get that done as quickly as we possibly can and so on.

This seems to be especially true in the online world – that fast-paced community where information is always just a few mouse clicks away and if the information we want cannot be found in seconds then we move on to the next page without a moment’s thought. It never ceases to amaze me that in the “make money online” niche nearly everyone is looking for the latest new “opportunity” where they can become rich overnight with little or no effort required on their part.

As a result there are countless thousands of sites catering for this demand with a new money making opportunity coming online almost every day. The sad thing is that this industry has a fantastically high failure rate with most people who seek to make money online never managing to make anything at all. But is it really any wonder when so many millions of people are seeking instant riches or are expecting money to magically appear in their bank accounts while they do nothing in return?

And yet despite all this there are people who are quietly making money online and making very decent livings for themselves in the process. They are not chasing instant success but they are involved with promoting products or services which all have one thing in common…they all add value to the lives of those who buy and use them.

The other thing the successful online marketers have in common is that they discover that the quickest way to make money online is by slowing right down. They start small and grow slowly. These smart marketers ignore all the promotions which claim to make them a millionaire in six months and instead seek to add one customer to their list each day or to make one new sale each day or to make one improvement to their website or their products. This way they fill their jugs one drop at a time.

The people who want to fill their jug overnight find it is impossible to do so but they won’t take the time to allow it to fill up one drop at a time. Instead they spend money on this program and that program until all their money is gone and they are left with nothing but a collection of empty jugs.

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