Retire The Alarm Clock


“A heart pulsating with great dreams and passionate desire is the best alarm clock imaginable.” – Sheryl Towers

I used to hate getting up in the mornings a few years ago. I would stay in bed until the last possible moment and arrive at work with no time to spare. The thought of leaping out of bed an hour or two early getting ready for work would have never occurred to me. The problem was the only joy I was getting happened to be the 5 minutes each week my boss handed me a paycheck. Now imagine a job that brought joy and pleasure into your life. In this case you would wake up with a burning desire to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

The easiest way to retire your alarm clock is to live your passion. Doesn’t matter if it’s building websites, flying planes, or worm farming because if it truly is your passion you’ll find a way to make it profitable. Unleashing your inner passion opens a flood gate of ideas and plans, so much so you won’t be able to escape! You’ll jump out of bed in the mornings so fired up about a project, coffee is no longer the top priority. The main complaint will be there isn’t enough hours in the day to get all your projects done. I’ve been know to get so excited about what I’m working on Monday turns into Wednesday and (insert funny joke about hygiene here)

Finding this purpose in life will lead to a laser focus that helps us reach our goals. The thought of spending hours in front of a television set, accomplishing nothing, will fill you with horror. You’ll become a master of using your time wisely, shutting out distractions and shunning activities that stand in the way of achieving your goals. The key to finding this purpose in life is to follow your passion and set a destination you want to reach. Passion is the engine that gets you moving, the destination is your GPS.

Still using an alarm clock? I challenge you to make a change and send that noisy paperweight into retirement!


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12 thoughts on “Retire The Alarm Clock

  1. Took me 5 hours to write this. I’ve been in a major writing rut since November and I had to fight through the pain to get this out.

    I have a ton of things to talk about but moving it from my brain to keyboard has been a major road block for awhile.

  2. Great post Justin.
    My alarm clock got retired once I cashed in my pension lol
    Since then time is something that just happens,
    instead of being something I worry about 🙂


  3. Hey Justin, I couldn’t come up with anything to say the first time I read this article today but I can now…

    You have just described how I am in just three paragraphs man but the best part of this is that only when I read about it is when I realize what is really going on.

    I’m glad you published this even if it took five hours to complete, sometimes you can grow through your writings.

    I used to be an underachiever and thanks to all the great connections and articles I have written on my site I feel like a really better version of myself now.

    I have said this before and I can say it all the time again and again… you are definitely a very inspiring and cool dude to learn from and to hang out with!

    Take care man and thanks for believing in me.


    PS. I still wake up at 5:00am (sometimes at 6:00am) and the first thing I do is turn on my computer to start working. No alarm clocks are used in this process, just my natural will to make things happen “á la TimTech” style!
    Sergio Felix recently posted..Why I Am Deleting My Whole Subscriber’s ListMy Profile

  4. Hey Justin

    Great post I have always hated using an alarm clock got rid of mine almost 5 years ago. Now I get up at same time everyday with no struggles at all.


  5. Justin, I guess I really could retire my alarm clock, since I wake up before it every morning but it has such a pretty little tune it plays it’s hard to give it up completely. But I do understand what you mean.

    I love my early morning hours…my run…my meditation…and the time I spend reading and writing in my journal…I get high from it. Then by ten a.m. I have my computer turned on and ready to go…but really my work doesn’t start at ten…it’s always running…even when I sleep.

    And it is so exciting to feel the change, and breathe the growth…and feel the universe respond to you…I wouldn’t know how to do anything else…but what I am doing now…every day.

    It’s awesome…and thank you for finding a way to put all that into words.

    Nick Grimshawe recently posted..Protected: What to do With Your Goodies: Click Track Profit Training.My Profile

  6. I’m not a snooze guy. I found out that it made me angry. So, most of the time I wake up before the ring.

    When I get in bed, I just need to tell myself when I want to wake up and that’s when I wake up. But sometimes, I forgot to do so. 🙂

    Work has always been a tool for me. Money to provide me with time to do what I really like to do. Only in the last few years have I started to think that it would be really nice to set them together. My passion and my work. 🙂
    Serge Cote recently posted..Triple or notMy Profile

  7. I have not used an alarm clock in a couple of years and I still get up around the same time every day who needs all the noise?

  8. Hi Justin

    I fully agree with your text. I acted too much time in my life fighting the clock.
    But as you said, there is always something that draws you to a new beginning, a new journey. That is the vital point of change: seize new opportunities or cling to old routines that only bring us hassles and take our mind.

    I retired my alarm: best – I do not work based on times for this or that, I do what it takes with satisfaction.