Motivated for Monday Mornings

I remember when the days when I had a “real” job how I dreaded Monday mornings. The best part about doing what I love is Monday’s have been replaced with Saturdays! I eat, sleep and breathe my business so when Monday comes around, it’s pedal to the metal baby!!

However Jim Rohn said it best “Motivation alone is not enough, if you have an idiot and you motivate him, now you have a motivated idiot.

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13 thoughts on “Motivated for Monday Mornings

  1. Justin,
    I think we all need some motivation at times.
    Speaking for myself I tend to fall back into that *comfort zone* and when I do thing’s do not get done. Let’s see who takes action on what you said and see what they do.
    -Motivation is like energy-
    -Energy get’s thing’s done-
    John P

  2. Hi Justin.

    Thanks for your uplifting video. Very inspiring for my Monday morning.
    Just last night before going to bed, I had thoughts along those lines, as to what I will do this week. You put it in the right perspective for me.

    I am so glad you are feeling better.
    See you on TE Live I hope.


  3. I like it Justin. Love the passion.

    That is one of the great things about being involved with so many new online entrepreneurs each week. Make that change in someone else’s life.



  4. Great video Justin and words to live by.
    Lifting each other up should be our daily goal.
    As you mention, someone is always watching and someone is always looking to you for wisdom.
    Each of us can be a leader in our own way. Each person has qualities which allow them to be a leader.
    I, personally, am working hard to keep positive energy in my life and my business.
    Catherine White recently posted..Sharing in a Social CommunityMy Profile

  5. Nice Video Justin. I think it shows that you wanted to communicate this with us. There was passion. I agree that just knowing what a good person does is not enough. Our actions should prove our philosophy. I’m glad that you want to help people and show that you back your philosophy up.

    Marcus Wahl
    skype: mcwahl1

  6. Hey Justin,

    Thanks for the encouragement video man and fun to know you did it at 4:00am.

    Sometimes I get all psyched to shoot something on video really early in the morning too but I can’t since I would wake up everyone in the house (another reason to move out ASAP)

    Apart from that, I loved your message about being the best example we can possibly be.

    There’s a lot of room for improvement in my life and my work right now, that it won’t represent a challenge to decide what to improve.

    Hope to be able to CRUSH it just as much as you normally do and maybe I can change or even make a little better someone else’s life by it as well.

    Really grateful from your message and your drive to this week, take care and speak soon Justin!


    PS. Not really a quote’s guy but I loved the Jim Rohn’s quote you shared.
    Sergio Felix recently posted..Thank God It’s MondayMy Profile

    • Thanks for taking the time out to watch my video today. You’re one of the people I’m routing for to find your “win”.

  7. Justin, great video to watch first thing on a Monday morning. Your enthusiasm comes through great on the video, and it is contagious. As far as 5 things for the week, I have a board for 5 things to do that day, some big, some small. but they need addressed that day.I had to stop procrastination. Thanks for the post.