Mental Thrill Seeking

“Look for the opportunities in the difficulties, not the difficulties in the opportunities.” – Victor Fiorelli

Many of us may pass up perfectly good opportunities which come our way because we wrongly think of them as being too complicated or too difficult for us. We give them little more than a passing nod before waving them off for the next person to discover. We can recognize when we do this because we tell ourselves things like: “I could never possibly do that,” or “I would love to do this but unfortunately I am not nearly clever enough.”

If this has happened to you then you have been focusing upon the difficulties in the opportunities and not the opportunities in the difficulties. If your primary focus is on how difficult something is then there is a huge temptation to give up without a fight. Switching your focus to the opportunity won’t make the problem any less real but it could have a massive impact on how you deal with that problem.

Now instead of telling yourself you can’t overcome the difficulty you are prepared to use all your mental skills and cunning to conquer the challenge at hand so that the opportunity you desire does not slip out of your grasp. You know that success is just over the next hill and all you have to do is get there, so now you redouble your efforts to defeat all that is standing between you and success.

Maybe there is one big difficulty you have to overcome or perhaps a series of smaller ones, but you can embrace the challenge as you relish the mental thrill of getting to your goal in life. Again the problems and difficulties are exactly the same as before but now a far tougher and far more focused you is the person dealing with them.

Nothing is more empowering than when you overcome adversity to take your prize and now that you have figured out how to do so you become a leader in your community. Now people want to hear your story. They want to learn how you were able to do what they failed at and how you turned your life around when they had to accept defeat.

Be the person who turns the piece of coal into a diamond and be prepared to reap the rewards you now so richly deserve. You have earned your success; now help others to follow in your footsteps.

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