How To Fix Skype Messages Displaying Out Of Order

Many people are having this problem that when you send a message, then your friend sends a message, then you send a message, your message will be put in the same box as the one you sent before your friend sent one.

Skype Message Fix

The reason for this is because of Windows’ time server is off by about 20 seconds.

Here is the fix!

From the Desktop, click or tap on the date and time in the Windows Notification Area in the bottom right corner of the screen.

1-19-2016 7-52-30 PM

In the the window that pops up click Change date and time settings

1-19-2016 7-42-41 PM

Another window will popup click the Internet Time tab

1-19-2016 7-45-44 PM

Click the button that says Change settings…

1-19-2016 7-47-24 PM

In the drop down menu select something other than and then click Update now

1-19-2016 7-48-58 PM

That’s it! Enjoy having your sanity back.

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7 thoughts on “How To Fix Skype Messages Displaying Out Of Order

  1. i have this problem, do i have to reinstall skype?
    my time is correct, and it use the internet time sync. the problem it uses the other side time. means i send message at 8:45 (middle east), when i receive the message it shows send time not mine which 7:45 (from europe).

    how can i let skype use my time on my computer only not the sender ?

  2. This didn’t work for me. I got an error message after trying to update it. Then it would say that it was last updated on the date as if it worked. But skype is still screwed up. Before trying this fix I tried installing/uninstalling and that didn’t work. This problem also happens on my phone so I get a double whammy of annoyances lol. I am so sick of skype, I’m just going to uninstall it and find something else to use.

    • I’m also sick of Skype and how unfriendly and incorrect it is. I have these out of sequence message problem also .. they stopped us having a recorded voice message greeting …. it plays up on my iphone and displays crazy times … I’m very very frustrated with Skype ….

      What else are people using and liking?