My Favorite Plugin for WordPress – WPFutureCal

It’s said that success in blogging is all about consistency and if you’re like me you’ll need a visual to help keep you consistent. This is why I absolutely cannot live without WPFutureCal.

This 100% free plugin lets me quickly see when I have blog posts scheduled and easily keep track of how consistent I’ve been with my blogging. In the screenshot below the yellow boxes represent blog posts that have already gone live, the green boxes represent blog posts I have scheduled out in the future.


As you can easily see I try to keep to a schedule of Monday – Wednesday – Friday. This helps me know my next blog post should be scheduled for Monday Feb 15. The reason this plugin is handy for my style of blogging is simple, when I’m inspired to write I do several blog posts in one sitting. Many times those topics follow a specific theme and I want to group those posts together in a series.

Where to get WPFutureCal?

The easiest way to get this free plugin is to click Add New on the Plugins tab

1-22-2016 11-35-55 AM

You should now see a Search Box on the top right hand side of the page. There you type in WPFutureCal.

1-22-2016 11-37-12 AM

This will then need to click the Install Now button in the box with the WPFutureCal heading.

1-22-2016 11-39-20 AM

Lastly go to your Plugins Tab and make sure that WPFutureCal say Deactivate, if it doesn’t click the link that says Activate. You’re now good to go enjoy!

1-22-2016 11-43-50 AM

You don’t need to do anything else to make it work. WPFutureCal automatically detects blog posts you have already written and have scheduled out in the future.

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