Decisive Decision Maker

Theodore Roosevelt said it best “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing you can do is the wrong thing, the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

When you are clear and sharp on your decision, others will not second guess you; instead, they’ll back you up. There is no magic in developing the ability to be decisive. It is simply a mindset; a mental attitude that comes with practice and persistence.

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4 thoughts on “Decisive Decision Maker

  1. Too many people are frightened of making a mistake or of getting something wrong and the fear can be so utterly overwhelming that it can result in them taking absolutely no action at all.

    I love the reassurance in the quote from Roosevelt that even making the wrong decision is better than making no decision at all.

    Yes we all have a tendency to put off making decisions, especially the important ones.

    As you point out, we need not be afraid.

    Patrick Griffin recently posted..You really can’t get something for nothing folks – life does not work that wayMy Profile

  2. An Outstanding post Justin!

    We all struggle with or hesitate to make decisions and I agree with you & President Roosevelt that the worst thing we can do is nothing.

    I resolve to make quality decisions each day to move myself and my business forward and I challenge all who read this post to do the same.

    Suit up…Strap in and put the throttles to Full Military Power!

  3. Great video Justin could not agree more on making that life altering decision.(congrats on the new computer Justin wtg)What a great day to make that decision than on a Marvelous Monday.I will surly make mine and thank you Justin and all of timtech for being there for so many like minded people


  4. Great video Justin,

    Can’t really say much more as I agree with the previous comments (making no decision is even worse than making the wrong decision).

    But I’m excited that you started the week with an amazing decision, by ordering your new computer!

    I know you’ll be extremely happy when you get it and I really hope you can show it off to us too.

    I’m not sure on this one but I know you have a few computers in your office (at least you have two working computers) so my question is this:

    Do you designate your activities for each computer depending on their strenghts as in dividing your tasks between them, or can you work perfectly fine on either computer?

    Thanks in advance man and thanks for that video too! 🙂

    Sergio Felix recently posted..Build A Computer From ScratchMy Profile