Ostrich Effect – 40 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know (lulu, 2016)

How do you know when you’ve been successful? You could measure it by the things you’ve obtained or the goals you’ve reached. You could say, “I’ve come this far in this amount of time,” and maybe that, to you, is a clear measure of success. You could even tell yourself something as simple as “I haven’t failed.” That’s true: if you haven’t failed, then you’ve succeeded. You can find that one in the dictionary. But what if instead of measuring your success by results, you measured it by your suffering. Success, then, can be viewed as not something that you win or lose but something that you pick up over time, slowly, with effort, ignoring all the signals that are telling you to back down, all the signals that are trying to wave you in for a big failure.

If you’re an entrepreneur, maybe you have already gotten into this habit of judging yourself based on what you’ve been able to accept. As someone starting out in business, you have to be willing to accept a lot. A lot of guff, a lot of heartache, a lot of toil. There’s no way around any of this, because even with a really super idea, you’re still facing some stiff competition. There are some people who can handle – or at least put up with – the bad times. These are the people who, holding all else constant, have a fighting chance at converting an idea into a product.

Ostrich Effect – 40 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know is the book for those people: the fighting-chancers.

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