Be Like MacGyver

Theodore Roosevelt said it best “Do what you can with what you have where you are”

Maybe it goes without saying but whenever you decide to do something you always have to start somewhere. The problem is many of us wait for the perfect situation to get going. Take 90 seconds of your day to hear my thoughts about this very quote.

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23 thoughts on “Be Like MacGyver

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  2. Motivational Mondays are like Words Wednesdays…except much better.

    The quote you mention in this blog post is one of my favorite ones from the entire book.

    I like it because it is simple and utterly unambiguous and it applies to all of us.

    The problem is that so many people spend so much time complaining about all the things they do not have that they hardly ever stop to think of the things they already have.

    We should all take what what we have already got and use it before we start dreaming about using other people’s tools.

    Patrick Griffin recently posted..So a complete stranger wants to give me $5,000-a-monthMy Profile

  3. What a wonderful way to start the week! My creative juices are flowing and I scurried to find some electrical tape and a paper clip so I could be MacGyver. I am all set now to take my world by storm and see some exciting results.

    Just found your blog and already have posts I can’t wait to read.


  4. Working online from home is completely utilizing what we have, where we have it, on the screen, and with our minds and hands, and goal-setting and stick-to-it-ive-ness! I remember McGyver, he always found the right stuff to create an explosion and free himself, that’s what we’re doing, creating blasts of traffic and interest in our businesses, using what we find online and inside our heads, to free ourselves from “real jobs” and free ourselves from being under the thumb of whatever the “real world” wants to pay us, we can earn a LOT more online, it’s unlimited! 🙂

  5. MacGyver could get out of any problem with paperclips, duck tape, and simple things… Sometimes I have a problem getting out of my own way! That is something I don;t focus on but I am aware of! What I focus on is my dreams… and completing the tqsks at hand!

    Thank you for the reminder!


  6. You are absolutely right; start from where you are right now and take the first step, use what you have at hand. Even if you find it didn’t take you in the right direction, you are now moving instead of standing still, you can be like a ship at sea and make a correction to get on the correct course.

  7. Great post start where you are with what you have. The key is to take action and not just make excuses as to why you can’t because you don’t have the right materials or stuff at the time. Use what is available and continue moving forward. Never look back always look forward.

  8. Love it man! Not only was this one of my favorite shows growing up, but it related perfectly to the message we always try to convey…No excuses, take action and use the tools in front of you. Awesome sauce man, and please for the love of everything that is good…Keep going with your blog. lol

  9. Hi Justin

    I loved MacGyver, it was just like the A-team but with a bit more explosions.

    Anyway the trouble I have is that I always want to buy one more product, or start something new, and despite knowing lots and lots I actually made a lot more 4 years ago.

    I’m hoping that seeing the success you and Patrick are achieving by doing is going to motivate me into finishing one of my ideas.

    Andrew Stark recently posted..The TimTech School Of MarketingMy Profile

  10. Hey Justin,

    I think it’s actually harder to make up an excuse to not do something instead of actually just getting it fixed.

    That’s how I have been living lately and not only I get a lot more done, I also feel a lot better inside.

    I never heard this quote before:

    “Do what you can with what you have where you are”

    But it’s TOP NOTCH man.

    I’m actually super pissed right now because I already charged for a site I just delivered last week and I have just been noticed that I have to redesign the whole thing and of course, for free.

    I did swear for a few minutes and blamed myself for not protecting me with a written contract but that’s not going to fix anything.

    So instead of telling them that wasn’t part of the deal, I’m just going to solve it somehow and for the next gig I’ll throw a damn contract first than anything else.

    Love the video man, really cool message.

    Sergio Felix recently posted..How To Organize Yourself Like a Pro With Less Than $5 BucksMy Profile

  11. Justin, One of my favorite quotes regarding excuses has always been:

    “The man who really wants to do something finds a way; the other man finds an excuse.”


  12. Market lie MacGyver. that is one to ponder. I was told once “duct tape and a screwdriver can get you around the world” In short, use what you got. Find the tools you have and put ’em to use.
    Action will overcome many obstacles.

    Thanks for the video post Justin

  13. Awesome blog, Justin! This is just what I need to help keep me motivated. Thank you for your wisdom and insight!

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